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April 14, 2009

Toga-clad youth troop to House committee hearings
Cha-cha will aggravate unemployment for fresh grads

Kabataang Pinoy Party trooped to the House of Representatives today to convince lawmakers to “address the unemployment issue instead of stubbornly pushing for charter change against the people’s will.”

They attended the House committee hearings donning graduation caps as a “silent and symbolic protest against how lawmakers are prioritizing (their) political interests over the more pressing need to tackle the unemployment issue.”

Last year, more than 11 million Filipinos were unemployed, or a total of 27.9 percent of the entire labor force. Half of this number consisted of youths aged 15 to 24 years. “This figure is bound to balloon still, with the projected 200,000 threatened to lose their jobs within the first half of the year due to the global economic crisis coupled with the government’s failure to provide employment for this year’s 900,000 new graduates,” Kabataang Pinoy Spokesperson Alvin Peters said.

“The government relies solely on the projected 110,000 jobs available in the business processes outsourcing (BPO) industry, particularly call center and medical transcription jobs, but these are especially vulnerable to the crisis because they are foreign-controlled and their mother companies are situated in recession-ridden First World countries.”

Kabataang Pinoy further said that charter change would only aggravate the rising joblessness and underemployment in the country.

“Speaker Nograles’ cha-cha resolution seeking to scrap the 40 percent limit on foreign ownership would only make the economy more vulnerable to foreign authority and to exploitation of our work force’s cheap labor. It clearly does nothing in addressing the much-needed boost to our local economy for it to be able to provide more decent and adequate jobs and job security for our fresh graduates and the labor force in general,” Peters said.

Kabataang Pinoy appealed to Speaker Nograles and lawmakers to stop cha-cha attempts altogether and withdraw the House resolutions on charter change.

Alvin Peters, 09206209362
Vencer Crisostomo, 09224290258

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