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What is art?

Art is anything that anybody perceives as expressive and is made by the labor of human production. Where it is created through human expression and thought, to portray the events of human life.

These expressions are through literature: poetry, short stories; music: composing, singing, , movement: dance, theater, guerrilla theater and visually: painting, drawing, illustration, sculptures, fashion, craving, etc.

Even the way we present ourselves or dress is art because it is our expression.

Besides being an expression, art is also seen as a commodity.

What is needed to make art?

People, materials, time, labor, aesthetics, and functionality are all needed create art.

Aesthetics or form is a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

Functionality or what is the purpose of it?

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas come from our personal and social experiences but also from our social and cultural practices. How we relate to the world and other people come from our ideas, experiences and practices.

Our ideas are influenced by our social and personal experiences. People in all societies go through different experiences. The way of thinking make be different in the urban poor communtiy than of those in the country side.

Social and cultural practices also have an influence on how we think. For example in the Philippines we see skin lightening products because in the media people with lighter skin are seen as beautiful. The viewer may see their dark skin is not beautiful, urging them to use skin lightening .

A lot of the art that is seen in U.S. is centered on the social “hip” or even to show status. examples are photos of people that have traveled to other countries where it show the beautify of the scenery or of the culture, however, there are struggling people that are loosing their land, resources, etc.

Therefore, our ideas define our class backgrounds due to personal and social experiences and/ or our social and cultural practices.

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