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Monday, June 8, 2009 8:45 AM
Department 24
190 W. Hedding Street, San Jose CA 95110

It has been a long standing struggle for the Custodio family, but the community will stand strong in solidarity to display its support. A new judge has been selected and the next hearing is imminent. Because racial profiling and police brutality are ongoing crimes against humanity for people of color, Filipino Community Support, Silicon Valley (FOCUS,SV) once again CALLS ON THE COMMUNITY TO SUPPORT the CUSTODIO FAMILY in their struggle for Justice. JOIN US for their next Court Appearance on MONDAY, June 8, 2009 at 8:45 am in Department 24.The family requests NO PLACARDS.

The struggle for justice within the court system continues and the morale and determination of the Custodio family remains reslilient. Every supporter present is a testament towards the goal of bringing the offending officers to prosecution of their crime against a community that has not given up hope. Please show your support tomorrow as the next hearing is underway. JOIN US tomorrow morning in support of the CUSTODIO FAMILY!

Justice for the Custodio family!
Drop the charges against the family now!
Prosecute the offending officers!
Demand SJPD accountability and ban tasers!
Justice for all victims and families affected by police brutality!


As a broad grassroots community organization, Filipino Community Support of Silicon Valley (FOCUS-SV) defends the rights and interests of Filipinos in Santa Clara County against social and economic injustices.


We, the concerned Filipinos residing and working in Silicon Valley with our families and friends, realize the need to protect, assist, and advocate for our mutual and collective interest against exploitation, oppression, violence, and injustice. We come together to build a broad comprehensive grassroots organization that defends the rights gained by previous struggles and upholds the welfare of Filipinos. With nationalist and democratic values, we envision greater social, cultural, and political resources for the Filipino community in Santa Clara County that would benefit everyone and promote greater equity and justice.

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