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It’s the final fundraiser for the Indigenous Delegation to Palestine traveling August 1-17, 2009!

Tickets: $10 | ALL proceeds go to the delegation, which is a 100% grassroots effort – come bless us with your presence and energy! This send-off party features art and performance from Palestinian, Native, Xicano, Filipino and other communities!! Holla if you want to be involved!

Richard Castaneda
Nijla Mu’min
NuBe Iapalkuetlaxtli
Dignidad Rebelde posters
Drama One
and more…

Hoop Dancer Sage Romero
The Genie (skratch guitar)
Victor Duarte
Flash & Native Don (hip-hop)
Spoken Word by:
Dina Omar
Jennifer Fox Bennett
& Istuyee Montez-Bearchild
more to be confirmed…


Michel Shehadeh


WHY AN INDIGENOUS DELEGATION? Did you know that the Palestine/Israel border is built by the same company that built the California/Mexico border? There are big differences between the societies in the U.S. and in Palestine but there are also similarities in both struggles. There is the struggle of keeping tradition and culture alive. Cultrural traits relative to both countries such as: traditional dancing, ceremonies and sacred sites are disappearing because of colonization. In both countries there is a huge disregard towards land by the people in power. In the U.S. sacred land is being destroyed and paved for the “necessities” of modern life. Palestinian homes and land are being destroyed to make way for Jewish settlements. By going to Palestine the delegation hopes to show more than just solidarity with the Palestinian people, we want to join the international struggle against imperialism. The delegation is going out to support our Palestinian partners and to learn their ways of resistance. We will bring back these experiences and share with our communities.


And FOOD! / No drugs no alcohol / Also check out our Film Festival JULY 22:

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