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Filipino Community Support, Silicon Valley (FOCUS, SV) continues this struggle for justice, along with our community allies: Silicon Valley Debug, Coalition for  Justice and Accountabilty (CJA), Filipino Youth Coalition (FYC), MAIZ, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), De Anza Isang PUSO, De Anza Students for Justice, De Anza Student Alliance, De Anza SJSU Akbayan, MAIZ, SFSU League of Filipino Students, and ALAY.  JOIN US IN OUR SUPPORT OF THE CUSTODIOS BY ATTENDING THE TRIAL.  TWO and a HALF IS TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR JUSTICE!!!

Custodio Trial Schedule

Location:    190 West Hedding Street. Department 37, 5th Floor, Judge Bocanegra
Days:          Monday-Thursday, July 27-August 6, 2009
Time:          9:00am – 4:30pm (there are recess breaks)

The week of July 27th – scheduled testimonies for the prosecution (San Jose Police Officers and a Filipino neighbor)
The week of August 3rd – scheduled testimonies for defense (family and witnesses)

Guidelines for Supporters

1. Dress Professionally
2. No Discussion of Case in or outside of the courtroom. If a Juror is exposed to conversation on the case, it can be grounds for a mistrial.
3. Display of Professional Behavior.  Disruptive behavior will reflect badly on the family.

__ ___________________________________________________________________
As a broad grassroots community organization, Filipino Community Support of Silicon Valley (FOCUS-SV) defends the rights and interests of Filipinos in Santa Clara County against social and economic injustices.

We, the concerned Filipinos residing and working in Silicon Valley with our families and friends, realize the need to protect, assist, and advocate for our mutual and collective interest against exploitation, oppression, violence, and injustice. We come together to build a broad comprehensive grassroots organization that defends the rights gained by previous struggles and upholds the welfare of Filipinos. With nationalist and democratic values, we envision greater social, cultural, and political resources for the Filipino community in Santa Clara County that would benefit everyone and promote greater equity and justice.


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