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Filipinos Mobilise British Union on Impunity in the Philippines

“UK Filipinos mobilized inside one of Britain’s largest and most powerful trade unions last week, succeeding in getting its support for trade union rights in the Philippines and hosting a packed fringe meeting.

At the UNISON conference in Bournemouth held from June 14 – 18, Filipino workers for the first time addressed the more than 2,000 delegates, condemning the appalling human rights abuses suffered by workers in the Philippines and urging delegates to sign Motion 101.

Meanwhile, at the fringe meeting, ‘Violation of Trade Union Rights in the Philippines’, jointly hosted by Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP), Amnesty International UK and UNISON, speakers informed delegates of the human rights situation in the Philippines and its links with migration and economic issues, also pressing delegates to sign the later passed motion calling on the UNISON National Executive Council (NEC) to seek greater linkages between UNISON and trade union movements in the Philippines, as well as working with the Filipino diaspora  in combating trade and human rights violations in the country, pressuring the UK government to take a stronger line with the Philippines government and raising awareness of the situation in the Philippines.”

Karatula Pilipinas: Youth Artists Echoes Chorus of Big Stars For Change in P-Noy Proclamation

“Genuine Change.

This is the long-standing call of Kabataang Artista Para Sa Tunay Na Kalayaan (KARATULA), an organization of youth artists nationwide, similar to what President Noynoy Aquino promised in his inaugural speech delivered in front of millions yesterday morning at the Quirino grandstand.

“I witnessed history in the making as P-Noy took his oath of office. After nine years of anti-people leadership of Former President Gloria Arroyo, artists, youth and the people are clamoring for solutions that would solve the fundamental problems of the country,” said Ana Tarina G. Lulu, national chairperson of KARATULA, “we have witnessed the unity of the people, politicians from different parties and, notably, even showbiz stars from rival networks coming together to express their optimism in the new chapter of our nation.”  “

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