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In history it has been the youth that have changed the world because they have stood up for what was right.

President Noynoy Aquino has made arrangements to visit the U.S. this week.

In New York he was welcomed to make a speech at Columbia University. He was met by Filipino and Filipino American youth activist whom expressed the true conditions of the struggling Filipinos in the Philippines. They questioned Aquino on the increase of human right’s violations , the genuine land reform (Hacienda Luisita-land owned by the president’s family), the pork barrel scandal that took away aide that was meant for those affect by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan and the rights OFWs and trafficked victims.

These youth are prime examples of how youth have changed this world that we live in. They have questioned and held President Noynoy Aquino accountable to the people of the Philippines, whom he calls his bosses. They challenged P-noy to stop painting an illusion of beauty but instead to zoom into the horrifying details to address problems of the Philippines.

Currently there has been backlash on those who have challenged the Aquino calling them enemy of the Philippines, hooligans, unpatriotic and more. My question to these writers and bloggers is this: Why are they seen as all of the mentioned above when they are only expressing the first handed facts that they see  and learn while going on exposure programs that show the real state of the Philippines?

Imagine if youth didn’t stand up for what was right….what kind of world would this have been?

Political Activism is Not a Crime. Activism is Patriotism.

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